Mu is the fifth variant of interest to be monitored by the who since march. Covid vaccines are less effective against the delta variant after 90 days, a new study finds.

Pfizer Vaccine Appears Effective Against Emerging Sars-cov-2 Variants

But the novavax vaccine was less.

Which covid vaccine is more effective against new variant. Early research from the u.k. Posted on may 4th, 2021 by dr. There is more analysis and data on the pfizer vaccine so far.

New research finds j&j vaccine has muscle against covid’s delta variant. The study, published in morbidity and mortality weekly report, suggests that moderna was 95 per cent effective at preventing hospitalisation among adults ages 18 and older. The astrazeneca vaccine decreased to 60% protection against mild and moderate covid.

Preliminary data show a reduced effectiveness of vaccines “similar to that seen for the beta variant”. It has a number of mutations that suggest it could be more resistant to vaccines, the health agency warned, but stressed that further research would be needed to confirm this. Research shows 79% efficacy against delta variant and overall 67% efficacy against any variant.

Data surrounding vaccine effectiveness with the delta variant is so far limited. However, the three main vaccines in the u.s. By victoria knight july 2, 2021

How effective are the vaccines against the new delta variant? Trial in january shows that the vaccine was more than 89% effective in protecting against covid and 85.6% effective against the u.k. The pfizer and astrazeneca coronavirus vaccines are less effective against the delta variant three.

China develops new vaccine ‘most effective against covid variants’.

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