A dry persistent cough is one of the main coronavirus symptoms to look out for. Here's how experts explain it.

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To help people identify whether they have become infected, earlier this year bbc radio 2 shared an audio clip of what a coronavirus cough sounds like, the daily record reports.

What is a cough like with covid. Sandra adams, virologist and professor of biology at montclair state university. A dry cough means you're coughing without phlegm, and in covid sufferers, this cough is often very deep and low from the bottom of the lungs, according to medical experts. However, they could be contagious, posing a risk to others.

The nhs says people should look out for classic covid symptoms: Earlier this year, bbc radio 2 host laura foster shared an audio clip. The zoe covid symptom study also found that catching the delta variant can feel more like a “bad cold” for younger people.

It often comes together with symptoms like a sore throat, chest pain, shortness of breath, hoarseness and loss of smell. News uk news us news world news weird news real life motoring A persistent cough is highly likely to occur alongside fatigue (tiredness) and headaches.

A persistent cough is a symptom of the delta variant of the coronavirus, according to dr. By now we all know that the main symptoms of coronavirus are a high temperature and a new, continuous cough. According to an early joint report from the world health organization (who) and chinese officials, a dry cough.

Loss of or change to smell or.

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