From may 1, 2021, all people older than 18 years are eligible in phase 4 of the vaccination drive. India's vaccination drive was stalled earlier this year by dose shortages amid a devastating covid outbreak.

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The international monetary fund's (imf) chief economist gita gopinath on tuesday said that india continues to be the risk of a third.

Disadvantages of covid-19 vaccine in india. Vaccines may be ineffective against new strains: By july 20, 2021, 326·4 million people in india (23·4% of the population) had received the first dose of the vaccine, and 85·4 million people (6·1% of the population) had received the second dose. Already, india has administered more vaccine doses than any other country in the world apart from china.

Professor colin pouton, from monash university’s faculty of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, explains the challenges of finding a swift answer. Production and supply have vastly improved, but the majority of adults have still not. I feel the biggest challenge would be cold chain (management), depending upon what vaccine is to be deployed, leading epidemiologist shahid jameel told the straits times.

Read more at monash lens. In the absence of quality data, the risks of vaccinating indian children may outweigh the benefits.

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